Launch of Harm reduction in Nyandarua

Tuberculosis and Global Fund-Advocacy

Devolution is rated the biggest gain from the August 2010 constitution, which ushered in a new political and economic governance system. It is meant to be transformative and to strengthen accountability and public service delivery at local levels. The government’s agenda is to deepen implementation of devolution and strengthen governance institutions, while addressing other challenges to improve economic and social outcomes, accelerate growth and equity in distribution of resources, and reduce extreme poverty and youth employment.

Implementation of the Kenyan constitution that called for devolution of the health function is on course. Challenges that have come with the new form of government include; devolution of health budgets including funds for TB control, removal of  TB control budget line at the national level and lack of TB Control budget line  and limited attention by the County governments  on TB Control. These challenges have led to gaps in the smooth running of the health sector, including occasional stock outs of commodities like the BCG vaccine and the TB drugs.

With the rebasing of the Kenyan economy, Kenya is now a Low Middle Income Country. This implies that there will be changes in health financing for Kenya at the Global level.

Despite this, the devolved set up of government, increased media freedom and improved economy presents opportunity for advocacy on increasing funding and better policies for TB control. However, political temperatures are likely to go a notch higher in preparation of 2017 General election. The current Government has been supportive of the GF initiatives in Kenya. In 2016, Kenya pledged USD 5 million for the GF replenishments.

In this regard, KANCO is currently implementing an advocacy project to increase funding and better policies for TB control in Kenya as well as support the Global Fund initiatives on AIDS, TB and Malaria.

The goals of the project are:

To mobilize additional resources, improve policies for TB and TB-HIV, and for the GFATM, and ensure accountability and delivery of GFATM grants to Kenya;

To strengthen national and county policies and political action to improve TB funding and policies  and

Increase domestic financing and accountability to supporting national TB programme.


In 2016, Kenya pledged USD 5 million for the GF replenishments

Advocacy for Child friendly TB medication

Championing the formation of the Africa TB Caucus

Formation of National TB champions