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KANCO operates Drop In Centres in Mariakani, Ongata rongai and Kakamega.

Kanco Mariakani Wellness is a safe place for sex workers and their clients to access comprehensive HIV prevention services among other health services. The site is supported by Kenya Red Cross through the Global Fund HIV Round 10 New Funding Model. The project is implemented in Mariakani Town and its environs along the transport corridor in the larger Kilifi County. The program started in 2014 and will be implemented till December 2017.

The main objective is to reduce new HIV infections and AIDS related mortalities among sex workers and their clients.


The primary beneficiaries are sex workers and their clients. The site has 30 trained peer educators and has a target of reaching 2000 sex workers with HIV prevention services. Currently the site has a cohort of 2085 sex workers. The main services offered include;

  • HIV Testing Services
  • STI screening services and Treatment
  • Family Planning Service
  • Health Education and Risk Reduction Counselling
  • TB and Cervical Cancer Screening and Referrals
  • Treatment of minor ailments
  • Provision of commodities like condoms, lubricants and IEC materials

The main donor is Kenya Red Cross through the Global Fund HIV Round 10 New funding Model
The major partners include the Ministry of Health through the Mariakani Sub County Hospital, Bomu Medical Clinic, Mabati Medical Clinic and the Mariakani Community Medical Clinic.
The project started in November 2014 and coming to an end in December 2017. However the Global Fund HIV Round 10 started in 2012.