KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi Honored with Peak of Success Award at Bizz Awards

//KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi Honored with Peak of Success Award at Bizz Awards

In a magnificent ceremony held at the prestigious Bizz Awards in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) and its remarkable Executive Director, Prof. Allan Ragi, were presented with the highly coveted Peak of Success Award. This esteemed recognition serves as a testament to Prof. Ragi’s relentless dedication, exemplary leadership, and outstanding contributions in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the promotion of public health in Kenya and beyond. The honor is a well-deserved acknowledgment of KANCO’s exceptional efforts and Prof. Allan Ragi’s visionary guidance.

Celebrating Excellence in Public Health:

The Bizz Awards, an esteemed international event, is renowned for recognizing organizations and individuals who have achieved remarkable success in various fields. This year, it was the turn of KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi to be hailed for their exceptional accomplishments in the domain of public health.

KANCO, a leading non-governmental organization in Kenya, has been at the forefront of combating HIV/AIDS and advocating for improved health outcomes for marginalized communities since its inception in 1994. With a mission to promote health and well-being among communities through capacity building and promotion of innovative leadership, KANCO has played a pivotal role in raising awareness, providing support, and implementing evidence-based interventions in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Under the visionary leadership of Prof. Allan Ragi, KANCO has transformed countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on Kenya’s public health landscape. Prof. Ragi’s commitment, expertise, and innovative approaches have propelled the organization to new heights, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS.

A Legacy of Impact:

The Peak of Success Award bestowed upon KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi serves as recognition of their tremendous impact and unwavering commitment to the cause. Through their tireless efforts, KANCO has successfully implemented numerous programs focusing on prevention, care, support, and advocacy, reaching communities across Kenya and beyond.

By working collaboratively with government institutions, civil society organizations, and international partners, KANCO has effectively contributed to reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, improving access to healthcare services, and strengthening the overall health system in Kenya. Their comprehensive approach encompasses community empowerment, capacity building, stigma reduction, and advocating for policy reforms.

Prof. Allan Ragi’s leadership has been instrumental in guiding KANCO’s strategic direction, fostering partnerships, and inspiring a diverse team of dedicated professionals. His visionary approach, combined with a deep understanding of the complex dynamics surrounding public health challenges, has resulted in innovative initiatives that have made a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable populations.

Looking Ahead:

The Peak of Success Award serves as a milestone, but it is by no means the culmination of KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi’s journey. Their recognition at the Bizz Awards reaffirms their commitment to continuing their transformative work and inspiring others to join the fight against HIV/AIDS and other public health challenges.

As KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi continue to forge ahead, their focus remains on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, ensuring equitable access to healthcare, and advancing evidence-based strategies to eradicate HIV/AIDS. Their collective efforts demonstrate that with dedication, collaboration, and visionary leadership, we can create a future where public health inequalities are addressed, and communities thrive.


The Peak of Success Award bestowed upon KANCO and Prof. Allan Ragi at the Bizz Awards in Astana, Kazakhstan, is a testament to their outstanding contributions in the field of public health. KANCO’s staff tireless dedication, combined with Prof. Ragi’s visionary leadership, has transformed the lives of countless individuals affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya and beyond. This recognition serves as an inspiration to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS and work towards a healthier people, and empowered communities.

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