KANCO Weekly Bulletin_ June Issue 1_2020

Inside this issue:

  • COVID- 19 posing Multifaceted Challenge: Adversely affecting Child Immunization
  • Home Based Care for Patients with COVID-19
  • Interim Guidance on the Continuity of Health Services During the 2019 Pandemic

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KANCO Weekly Bulletin_ May 2020, Issue 3

Inside this issue;

  • Covid-19 and the Right to Health; Strengthening Citizens Participation
  • World Health Assemble Calls for Concerted Effort to Fight Pandemic
  • Social Economic Survey on COVID-19 on Households,

Covid-19: When the World takes a Mandatory Leave

I might be speaking for myself here but when the virus was first reported, in China to be specific, I didn’t give much thought to it. “It’s quite far and plus China can handle this” IBrushed it off as am sure most people did.

KANCO Weekly Bulletin_ April 2020

Inside this issue;

  • COVID-19 National and Global Trends
  • Programming Lessons we are Learning from COVID-19
  • Policy Engagements for the COVID 19 Response
  • Resources for COVID-19

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Working from Home, Thriving in the New Norm

 As we ease into the seemingly new normal in compliance with ‘Social and distancing’ and minimizing unnecessary movement, in response to the COVID-19-pandemic and as this new culture takes shape,