The Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) is a national membership network of NGOs, CBOs, and FBOs, Private Sector actors, Research and Learning Institutions involved in or that have interest in HIV & AIDS , TB and other public health care concerns in Kenya such as Malaria, Nutrition, Community Harm Reduction(among injecting drug users) among others.

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Significant steps have been made in harm reduction-what remains?

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Parliamentary Health Commitee members in a Harm Reduction workshop

In 2009, the government acknowledged people who inject drugs as most at risk populations. Based on the findings of the Mode of Transmission study in 2009, the findings indicated that people who inject drugs account for 3.8% of new HIV infections. The prevalence of HIV infection among this population is estimated to be at 18% according to the Kenya AIDS Response report 2014.

In response to this,


Emphasizing Importance Of Nutrition In Kenya’s Development Agenda

Kenya is ranked no 18 globally in malnutrition and this is a crisis in the country that requires quick actions to address. Malnutrition is a condition that occurs when people consistently do not consume or absorb the right amounts and types of food and essential nutrients. This leads to poor physical growth and brain development among children preventing them from thriving and living up to their full potential. This also interferes with performance in school, the country’s future labour force the Gross Domestic Product and human development index.


Investment in Nutrition Key to a Healthy Nation

Nutrition plays a key role in growth and development of any economy in the world.. Women and children below the ages of five years are the most vulnerable population in regards to malnutrition. Research has shown that the double burden of malnutrition; overweight and underweight is cyclic.  This is a great reason why nutrition investment should be scaled up in Kenya and globally at large.

The Global Nutrition Report (GNR, 2015) indicates Kenya’s nutrition status improved remarkably. Kenya became the only country in the world to lead in nutrition targets aimed at ensuring mother and child nutrition needs are met.